A chilling Christmas horror story from the author of These Unnatural Men and FOREGROUND.

You probably haven’t heard of a village called Morkwood.

It’s unlikely you would have passed through it, let alone stopped to visit – Morkwood sits in the corner of nowhere, unassuming and quiet.

Until December, that is.

Each day in the lead up to Christmas, the villagers of Morkwood come together to open the doors of a giant advent calendar called the Advent House. Everyone is expected to participate in a tradition steeped in local legend.

But not every door of the Advent House is something to look forward to. Like most long-established rituals, this one is rooted in fear.

The Festivities of Morkwood is available in paperback and e-book.

The Festivities of Morkwood reviews


“Genuinely unsettling. I started it and finished it in one night and then had a screaming nightmare where I thought my wife was drowning and shook her awake. Consequently, she doesn’t like this story but I really do. Great work, looking forward to reading much more.”

“A great festive story from an author with an expanding list of very good releases to their name. Great cover art, which put this reader in mind of Garth Marenghi.”

“Brilliantly written, kept me hooked.”

“I was immediately hooked on this story from the start! Such a fantastic book and has gotten me back into reading again.”